Aims & Objectives of the EPSMA

The EPSMA (European Power Supply Manufacturers Association) was formed to provide a much needed forum for discussing and progressing issues of common concern to the power supply industry, for the benefit of power supply manufacturers and users alike. Six key areas of activity have been identified:

  • Regulatory and standards issues.
  • Tariffs and barriers to trade.
  • Links between the industry and further education.
  • Benchmarking and continual improvement.
  • Marketing of the European industry.
  • Liaison with other industry organisations.

The first objective is of particular importance. The EPSMA aims to provide members with information regarding the provisions and proposals of the European Commission with particular reference to the harmonisation of laws, and other regulatory issues and standards affecting the power supply industry. It also aims to be an effective lobbying group during the formation and introduction of new legislation within the EU.

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