About the Members Only Area

Introducing the Members Only Area:

As a benefit of membership PSMA is pleased to have a Members Only Area on our web site。 

Minutes of PSMA Board of Directors meetings are available, as well as some reports from abituku.committees.

福建快3计划The PSMA Member Directory is available in the Members Only Area.

Presently available on the Members Only Area are the PSMA Nanotechnology Tutorials - Nano 100 and Nano 200。  Also available is Harnessing Energy, an educational module for middle school students to spark interest in power electronics。

福建快3计划Student resumes are posted on the Members Only Area. You can download any resume that interests you. If interested, please contact the students directly.

The Special Projects Form which is to be completed when proposing a new Special Project for PSMA is available on the Members Only Area.

If your company is a member of PSMA you can access the Members Only Area by completing a short registration form. If you don't know whether your company is a PSMA member, please contact the Association Office - 福建快3计划power@abituku.com.

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